Changes to your membership will come into effect on the 1st of June, or at the end of your contract term (whichever allows for more time).

Changes to the $30 Membership

Based on your feedback and in an effort to make this Australia’s most flexible workspace product, we introduce to you our new membership range! 

Check out how these new membership options affect your time at Waterman below. 

3 flexible levels of coworking

Access Membership

  • Pay as you go access to all Waterman centres, member rates & benefits.
  • Your first hour free, every day
  • Unlimited centre access (including workstations) from $2.5/hour
  • Meeting room access from $20/hour
  • Unlimited high speed internet (100/100mbps)
  • Day rate capped at $35

  • Come in a few days a month or book meeting rooms as you need them.
  • $200 included Waterman Credits to use on workspace or room bookings
  • 50% discount on all meeting room bookings
  • Day rate capped at $25

  • Virtual Mailbox
  • Wifi Speed Boost
  • Virtual Reception
Best Value


  • 24/7/365 Access so you can work where you like, when you like.
  • Unlimited centre access at no additional cost
  • 50% discount on meeting room bookings
  • Reception notification services included

  • Virtual Mailbox
  • Wifi Speed Boost
  • Virtual Reception

Price excludes GST

Turbocharge your Membership

Need a business address? Receptionist to answer your calls or have the need for (wifi) speed? Your favorite Business Boosts are now improved and no longer on a 6 month contract!

Virtual Mailbox

$ 45 /month

A virtual mailbox and business address for your postal needs

*Included in the Part time & Full time membership

Virtual Reception

$ 45 /month

PAYG Phone Answering service ($2/minute, charged to the nearest second)

*Included in the Part time & Full time membership

WiFi Speed Boost

$ 40 /month

Turbo charge your wifi and increase your bandwidth to maximum speed of up to 300/300mbps

*Included in the Part time & Full time membership


$ 120 /month

Say goodbye to after hours charges and hello to 24/7 access

*Included in the Full time membership

Compare your Inclusions


Access - 272x116@2x (1) Part Time - 272x116@2x Full Time - 272x116@2x (3)
Access Hours* 9am - 5pm 8am - 6pm 24/7
Centre Access Rated* Capped at $35/day Capped at $25/day N/A
After Hours $35/day $35/ day N/A
Included Credit $200
Meeting Room Discount 50% 50%
WiFi Speed 100/100Mbps Up to 300/300Mbps Up to 300/300Mbps
WiFi Speed Boost $40
Virtual Mailbox $45
Virtual Reception $45
Reception Services $2 /notification
Printing Discount 10% 20% 20%

*Centre Access Rates – Centre access rates are added to your bill each month — based on your total usage for each day.

**After Hours – All membership access passes allow 24/7 access to our centres. However outside of standard access hours there is an additional $35 after hours fee.
CENTRE Access Rates
Access - Access Table 226x67@2x ACCESS Part Time - Access Table 226x67@2x Full Time - Access Table 226x67@2x
0 - 1hr Free Free
1.5hrs $2 $2
2hrs $5 $5
2.5hrs $9 $9
3hrs $14 $14
3.5hrs $20 $20
4hrs $27 $25
4.5hrs + $35 $25


*Rates will be automatically calculated based on your first time of entry and last time of exit for the day.*


So what does this mean for you? ​
If you're currently on a $30 Membersip, your centre access hours will remain unchanged. That means you can access your Waterman centre between 9am-5pm. If you have a higher level subscription or a Night Owl Business Boost on your account, your access hours will be as stated below.
Membership Level Access
Access 9am-5pm
Part Time 8am-6pm
Full Time & Night Owl 24/7
Night Owl 24/7

We've changed the way our spaces are defined and we've removed the need to book a single desk for the day. 

Instead of having to book a Premium Workstation at the rate of 1 credit/hour, you can now access the entire centre at discounted rates. 

With the first hour of access every day being absolutely free, you’ll pay casual centre access rates in 30 minute increments and depending on your membership level you’ll have your maximum day rate capped so you can work all day without worrying about being charged over your day rate. So instead of paying up to $110/day for a single workstation, you’ll now be able to access the whole centre from as little as $25 per day.

Please check out the Centre Access Rates on this page for further information and costs based on your membership tier. 

We've changed the way our spaces are defined and we've removed the need to book a single desk for the day. 

Instead of having unlimited hot desking on your $30 Membership, those on an Access membership will access the entire centre on a pay as you go rate. 

Please check out the Centre Access Rates on this page for further information and costs based on your membership tier.

Members on certain product types will enjoy discounts to the room booking based on their subscription level.

Check out the pricing in Waterman Central for information on specific rooms

In an effort to make this Australia's most flexible workspace product, we've gone away with contracts on any Membership level. 

That means no lock in terms on any of our membership products, the Night Owl, Virtual Mailbox or Virtual Receptionist Business Boosts so you have the freedom to upgrade or downsize as your business needs change.

There will be changes to Membership Credit and meeting room booking rates in the coming month, stay tuned for more details in the near future. 

Changes to your business boosts are broken down into 2 sections, space related (Night Owl, 9-5er and Professional) and amenity related (The Local, The Caller, The Virtual).

Space Related:

As the 9-5er and Professional Boosts are no longer available for purchase, after the 1st of June (or contract expiry, whichever is later) we have put together a table of the closest combination for the same inclusions and price. Please note that for some of these, we will have a member of our team reach out to you and talk you through the change.

View transition table here

Service Related:

Although these 3 Business Boosts are no longer available for purchase for new members, if you currently have these on your account, they will stay for as long as your keep your product active or unless you choose to remove them. Please note that once removed, you will need to purchase one of our new Business Boosts. 

Having a client or meeting attendee coming to visit you? Give your business a professional front and have our friendly service team greet your clients and notify you when they arrive. A fee of $2 applies for each notification to our Access Members, and this fee is waived for other membership types. 

If you do not wish to be notified on the arrival of your clients to avoid this fee, please have them communicate directly with you when they arrive at the centre. 

You’ll now be able to bring a guest in with you from as little as $5 an hour. If you want to have an informal meeting without booking a private meeting room, have a staff member, business partner or contractor come and work alongside you for the day or you just want to bring a friend along, you can buy a guest pass that caps out at $35 for the day, even if they don’t have a membership themselves! 

Each Membership product comes with it's own standard access hours (see above for details) in which you can come in and use the space.

Should you wish to access the centre outside of these hours, an after hours fee of $35 will be automatically added to your account in addition to the centre access rates. If you're doing this multiple times/month, we would recommend purchasing our Night Owl Business Boost which gives you unlimited use of the centre outside of your access hours so you won't pay a fee or any costs associated with accessing the centre.

Please note a Night Owl Business Boost does not change the costs associated to working from our centres during your included access hours.

Next steps for you

The table below outlines how we plan to support your transition after 31st of May. For some, it’s an easy auto-transition unless notified otherwise; for others, a dedicated team member will reach out to you in the coming months. Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about the right membership and business boosts for you. 

Membership Type Current Price New Product Equivalent New Price Transition
$30 Membership $30 Access Membership $30 Automatic
$30 Membership + 9-5er $150 Part Time Membership $200 A team member will contact you to discuss
$30 Membership + The Professional $350 Part Time Membership + Night Owl $320 A team member will contact you to discuss
$30 Membership + Night Owl $150 Access Membership + Night Owl $150 Automatic
Membership Plus $350 Part Time Membership + Night Owl $320 Automatic
$279 Hot Desk Membership $279 Part Time Membership + Night Owl $320 A team member will contact you to discuss
Flexi 15 $125 Part Time Membership $200 A team member will contact you to discuss
Flexi 30 $249 Part Time Membership $200 Automatic
Flexi 60 $350 Part-Time Membership $200 Automatic

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