Welcome to Waterman!

Once again, thank you for choosing Waterman as the newest home for your business! 

So that we can get you started off on the right foot, our community team have put together some helpful videos for you to review.

Get To Know Your Workspace

Below are videos that cover everything from getting connected to the internet, how to book and use meeting rooms, right down to the fantastic community events hosted each month!

Connecting to the WiFi

Duration 1.45

Using Waterman Central

Duration 2.13

Community and Events

Duration 1.49

Expectations and Code of Conduct

Duration 1.49


Duration 0.44

AV Set Up

Duration 0.44


Duration 1.23

COVID-19 Updates

Duration 9.54

Membership Access

Duration 1.45

Business Boost

Duration 0:59

Facilities & Amenities

Duration 9.54

Membership Access

Duration 1.22

Frequently Asked Questions

On your induction day, you'll be greeted by our friendly service team and dedicated community manager. You will then partake in a tour of the centre, where you will become familiar with centre access, where the business lounge is located for you to work from in addition to the range of centre amenities that you will have access to on your membership. 


Once you're well acquainted with the space, you will sign off on reading and understanding your induction materials. Upon the sign off on this document, you will receive your access pass. 

You are more than welcome to bring in employees that hold and active Waterman membership. 

For all enquiries relating to your billing, IT, access etc – please email service@waterman.com.au


For requests to connect to other community members or concerns about other members please email your community manager directly or community@waterman.com.au


For email subscriptions and general correspondence questions, please email hello@waterman.com.au

Not a problem! Simply email service@waterman.com.au with your request and the team will organise it for you.

One of the things that makes our membership so flexible is the ability to come in anytime and work from whichever space you like, including premium workstations which have an external monitor, power and an ergonomic chair. You don’t have to book a specific desk, and you can move around from desk to desk as your day goes on.

On a basic $30 Membership, you will have access to all Waterman Centres between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. 

We ask that all new members take the time to gain an understanding on Waterman’s COVID position, the changes we’ve made to provide all of our members with a safe space to work from and also an option for you to create your own COVID action plan from our template!


For more information please visit our COVID-19 Response page. 

To ensure that our meeting rooms are available to all members, we ask that you book the meeting rooms before you use them. Meeting rooms can be booked for as little as an hour. To secure your meeting room reservation, please book through Waterman Central.

We understand that things change and so you can add or remove any business boosts on your account as you need. Just get in contact with your local service team and they’ll be happy to help!

At this time, we only allow one pass per person on a membership. You may add multiple contacts on a single membership, however if these users require an additional access pass, they must purchase an additional membership.