Waterman Guest Access FAQs

Welcoming my guests to Waterman

How do I welcome my guests through the turnstiles?

Your guest can access the centre by:

  • Scanning a Guest Entry QR code generated from Waterman Central (includes wi-fi credentials)
  • Or you can simply swipe them through at the turnstiles
What is the difference between the two methods of giving my guest access to the centre?

The QR codes come accompanied with guest wi-fi credentials and the same QR code can be distributed to multiple guests ahead of their arrival.

Swiping guests in and out of the turnstiles with your own Waterman access may be simpler on other occasions. 

How do I generate a QR code for my guest?

You can generate Guest Entry QR codes on Waterman Central. Your guest can then scan this code on their mobile device or print it out to gain access to the centre.

How should I use my Guest Entry QR code?

Once you’ve generated your QR code, feel free to distribute it to your guests ahead of time via email or mobile. The barcode scanners by the turnstiles have been optimized to scan the codes off both paper and mobile.

Do I need to generate one Guest QR code for each guest?

No, you don’t. For your convenience, the same QR code can be used by multiple guests to visit you at Waterman.

Do I need to generate a Guest QR code each time a guest visits me?

A Guest Entry QR code can be reused if it is still active in Waterman Central. You have full control of the expiry dates and may choose to add or delete Guest Entry QR codes any time you want.

Is there a limit to the number of QR codes I can generate on Waterman Central?

Yes. There is a default limit of five active Guest Entry QR codes on your account. This is not a limit on the amount of guests you can have with you, as multiple guests can use the same QR code.


Day Pass Billing

Who does the Day Pass charge apply to?

Access, Part Time and Full Time members as well as members on a Part Time Office account.

This also applies to Members who have an Office or Dedicated Desk product with a capacity clause in their contract.

What's the difference between a Day Pass and a Guest Entry QR code?

Guest Entry QR codes are what you generate from Waterman Central to allow your guests to pass through the turnstiles. They serve the purpose of giving your guests access to our centre.

Day Passes refer to a fee automatically added to your account for the total number of guests present inside a Waterman centre at the same time. If you have just one guest in at a time, a single Day Pass fee applies. Multiple guests at the same time, multiple Day Passes.

How much does a Day Pass cost?

A Day Pass costs $35 (excl. GST) per day, applicable from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. An additional after-hours fee applies to your guest outside of these times.

What happens if my guest stays past their access hours?

An additional after-hours fee of $35 (excl. GST) will apply if your guest chooses to stay in our centres outside of the included hours of usage.

How does the first free hour work?

Once activated, each Day Pass has its first hour of the day free. If a guest uses up the first 45 minutes of a Guest Entry and returns 3 hours later, it will have been 3 hours and 45 minutes since the Guest Entry was activated and result in a Day Pass being applied to your account.

A Day Pass has already been purchased for the day, can it be reused by a different guest of mine?

Yes, only if both of your guests are visiting you at different times.

For example, if Tom visits you in the morning using a QR code, a Day Pass is automatically added to your account after one hour of usage. If Tom leaves and Jerry visits you with a different QR code, the already purchased Day Pass will automatically be reused.

Multiple Day Passes will be purchased if you have multiple guests visiting you at the same time.

Will my guests need a Day Pass to use a meeting room that I’ve already paid for?

Day Passes are only needed for space usage after the turnstiles and will be billed on top of your room booking. If you have booked a meeting room for you and your guest before the turnstiles, a Day Pass will not apply.

Other questions about access

I lease an office and have retail customers who may not inform me before they visit. What do I need to do?

Reach out to your local site team  for a special arrangement. Remember that your customers are your responsibility, and you are liable for their actions. We encourage you to accompany them in our centre at all times.

When is a Day Pass actually billed to my account?

A Day Pass is only billed to your account when your guest passes through the turnstiles, and stays for more than one hour. A charge is not applied to your account when you generate a Guest Entry QR code on Waterman Central.

I need to bring my children to work sometimes. How does this apply to them?

We understand your situation and have set aside free Child Passes at reception for under-12’s to be able to follow you into our centre free of charge.

I forgot to bring my pass with me. What should I do?

Office and Dedicated Desk members should simply generate a QR code to pass through the turnstiles. This will not cause a Day Pass to be issued if they are within their concurrent capacity. 

This is different for individual Memberships and Part Time Office members, who will be issued a Day Pass if they scan their QR code at the turnstiles. An option for them is to pay $15 for a Day Loan Pass. Service will need to associate the designated Loan Pass to the contact to enable hourly billing. That pass will need to be returned at the end of the day.

Will I be locked out if I leave my pass in the centre and exit the turnstiles?

You will always need your access pass to exit the turnstiles so this should not happen. Same way in, same way out.

What happens if I swipe another member or their guest IN?

We ask that you refrain from doing this as this helps us keep the centre secure. Importantly, the member or guest you let in will be attributed to your account and a Day Pass charge may be automatically added to your account.

What happens if I swipe another member or their guest OUT?

We ask that you refrain from doing this as your account may be incorrectly billed. This applies when the turnstiles record that you have multiple guests in our centre at the same time.