Safely Returning To The Workspace After COVID-19

Enjoy peace of mind with our increased safety measures & greater workspace flexibility as you make the transition back into the office.

Let us take out the hassle of creating a safe workspace so that you can focus on getting back to business!!

Download The Waterman COVID Safe Action Plan

We encourage all members to read through and understand the Waterman COVID safe action plan before returning to the office.

This plan will provide you with an understanding on the changes made to our centres as well as the new processes to keep you, your staff and clients safe while in a Waterman centre!

Changes To Your Workspace

Your workspace is looking a little different now to when you left it last! We’ve implemented measures to provide you with a safe workspace to operate from.

The success of these measures relies on your cooperation, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with these changes.

Additional Cleaning

Daily Cleaning Schedule

We've increased the cleaning schedule for high traffic spaces within the centre, this includes bathrooms, common spaces, meeting rooms, reception as well as the kitchens. In between professional cleans, our reception team will be wiping down all high touch surfaces multiple times a day.

Kitchen Changes

We ask that all members bring their own crockery and cutlery to avoid cross contamination and all tea towels have been replaced with paper towels. We have also implemented social distancing guidelines so we ask members to please take note of the capacity changes.

Additional Cleaning Icons-03

Hand Sanitiser

We've introduced a number of hand sanitising stations around high traffic area or high touch surfaces throughout the centres. We ask that you please make use of these sanitisers but please remember to also wash your hands on a regular basis.

More Personal Space

Reconfigured Room Capacity

Reconfiguration Of Meeting Rooms

We've taken the hassle out of having to reconfigure meeting rooms to comply with social distancing guidelines. The new capacity of our rooms can be found when booking through Waterman central or on signage placed in the rooms themselves.

Dedensified Common Space

De-densified Common Space

To comply with new social distancing measures put in place by our government, many of our common areas have had some furniture changes to increase your space while working and reduce contact you'll have other people.

Capacity Limited Workstations (1)

Capacity Limited Workstations

Please note that all workstations will now be limited to 1 person for every second desk. Please keep alternating desks free to comply with social distancing guidelines.

2021 & Beyond

The acceleration of workforce decentralization has been fast-tracked a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have found substantial benefits of adopting a hybrid work environment increasing the flexibility allowing staff to work from the office part time. For more information around the future of workspace, follow the link below do download our whitepaper.


Business Resources

COVID Plan Template

Looking to create your own COVID-19 plan to share with your staff and clients?

Download our Worksafe approved template and adapt to suit your business.

Business Resources

Equip yourself with the knowledge on what Government Business Grants you may have access to, as well as some other links you may find useful! 

Our COVID-19 Position

We choose to live in a world not based on fear, but one of reason, care and progress. We don’t downplay the health risks associated with COVID-19, but we take necessary precautions and choose to focus on moving forward on the road to normality.

Our state has endured one of the harshest lockdowns seen around the globe and together we have brought this virus to a point where we can move forward with greater confidence. With months of data on the virality and lethality of coronaviarus, as well as local data on community transmission, our government is deeming it safe for us to begin to return to the activities which occupy our daily lives. Undoubtedly one of the groups that has been most affected from these lockdowns are business, small business in particular. We understand that each business has been affected in a different way and in varying levels of severity and so with our heads looking forward we will confidently (but cautiously) opt for progress over fear.

Now more than ever our belief that “we’re better together” rings true and so we lend a helping hand to businesses all across Victoria. In whatever way we can, and in reasonable methods we want to help the businesses in our community, as they in turn help us. We understand the struggles that businesses are facing because we are a business, and so like all others we must work together in a mutually beneficial way in order to move on and to continue to operate our business effectively.

For business, by business.

Return to work FAQs

You are welcome to bring in clients and guests to the centre. Please note that you must check then into the centreusing the check in QR code found in reception. This is a government requirement for contact tracing purposes.

We do strongly encourage all of our members and their clients to being wearing a mask while in a Waterman centre. The exceptions are members who occupy an office or a meeting room alone and those who have a medical exemption. We ask that whilst in the common space please keep your mask on unless you are eating or drinking.

To reduce the flow of traffic into and out of the centre, we have closed our doors to the public. All visitors must have an appointment booked with a leasing specialist or be accompanied by a current Waterman Member.

High touch surfaces are regularly sanitised throughout the day. For more information around surface sanitisation , please refer to the Waterman COVID Action Plan 

Please review our COVID safety action plan for more detail on this. 

We can certainly accomodate for those who wish to book meeting rooms on a casual basis. For more information on this option, please email us at

While every office space is responsible for carrying out their own COVID safe plan within their private offices, Waterman does have some great options for members that have insufficient space for staff. Office space members are welcome to book ergonomic workstations for their staff out on the coworking floor. If a private office space is an absolute must for your business, we have flexible month to month offices available. To enquire about these spaces, please email our leasing team at

Please download the Waterman COVID action plan here 

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